per user monthly
On-site deployment
per server monthly
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Isolated digital space
1 unlimited
Your own definition of fields containing your data
unlimited unlimited
Starting point for your digital space
Create/edit template
Create your data set by naming the fields as you wish and selecting desired data type
Upload batch of documents
Put your documents in a ZIP file and upload them for processing
Process batched documents
Get document by document to manually capture data you defined in your template
Upload single document
Enter data in fields you defined in template and upload single document with it
Upload data in CSV
Map your existing data columns (spreadsheet, access, SQL, delimited text) when creating template and upload all records from the source
Browse and edit
Find any document or record to change existing data or to change the status of the document (processed, accepted)
Check how many documents you have by status (total, processed, accepted)
Documents groups
Improve organization and security using the tree structure
All your data and/or documents on one place
Search documents
Search digital archive on any field you selected for search when creating/editing the template
View online
View pdf, images, video or listen the audio inside your web browser
Download documents
Download file formats that cannot be viewed online
Save data locally
In your web browser save the records (data) from the search results (up to 1000 records) as a CSV file. Use the data as pivot table or import it into dedicated software
Web Services
Connect your own-developed Graphical User Interfaces (Windows, iOS, Android), M2M interfaces or other data sources
Distribute documents
Distribute documents to dedicated interfaces for manual data extraction or quality checking. Include 3rd parties OCR in your interface if needed.
Submit data
Collect data from your interfaces or data sources that support Web Services
Search documents
Execute queries from your interfaces and handle the results the way you want
Retrieve documents
Show a document in your interface
Necessary tools on server side when handling a lot of documents or records
Import documents to be distributed for processing (manual or OCR) from scan folder (pdf) or FTP/DMS (word, excel, images, audio, video)
Import data from big CSV files with or without corresponding documents
Export all your data with or without documents on template/group/batch level
Dump (export) logs on scheduled basis for analyzes and database performance
Manage "who" access "what" and "how"
Assign users to roles and then grant or deny roles on desired templates to view/edit/delete
Let your users log-in with their existing corporate accounts
Admin Center
Create entities and assign users to them. View logs.
Per user
1 GB free unlimited
Per entity
9 EUR per 1 GB monthly over per user quota unlimited
1 hour monthly free
per entity
1 hour monthly free
per server
Discount available upon request for
1000+ users 10+ servers
Additional services do not fit in our business model. But if there will be demand for it…
Support remote
Per engineer hour
200 EUR 200 EUR
Support on-spot
Per engineer hour + per person subsistence allowance (cost of travel, lodging, meals and other associated expenses)
Data export
Data export for SaaS subscription including upload on FTP/Cloud storage
100 EUR
Interface development
Dedicated interface development (Windows, iOS, Android, HTML) up to 10 fields, including hosting
500 EUR 500 EUR
Dedicated development
Special requests (e.g. scripts for integration, data migration and similar) per hour
200 EUR 200 EUR
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